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Troy Aikman Net Worth Discover Everything You Need to Know Here!

Troy Aikman’s transformation from NFL quarterback to punditry has been impressive and fruitful; with an estimated net worth of over $65 Million. Aikman’s successful career stands as testament to his talent, hard work, and strategic choices both on and off the field – but how has he accomplished such greatness?
? Let’s dive deeper.

Who is Troy Aikman?

Troy Aikman began playing football as an Oklahoma teenager at Henryetta High School. Following high school football success he went on to pursue college football both at Oklahoma and UCLA before eventually being selected first overall by Dallas Cowboys for their 1989 NFL Draft and starting an unparalleled NFL career.

How Did Aikman Fare in the NFL?

1992 marked an extraordinary turning point in Aikman’s rookie season: leading the Cowboys to victory and collecting MVP honors at Super Bowl XXVII. Since then he won six consecutive Pro Bowls from 1991 through 1996 en route to becoming only quarterback ever with three consecutive 3,000-yard seasons for Dallas before injuries forced his retirement in 2001.
1992 marked Aikman’s breakthrough year; leading Dallas to victory and earning MVP of Super Bowl XXVII before going on to win six consecutive Pro Bowls from 1991-96 (becoming history as only quarterback to record three straight 3,000-yard seasons before retirement due to injuries in 2001).

What Role Does Aikman Play in the Broadcasting World?

After retiring from professional football, Aikman became an expert commentator on Fox’s NFC telecast, earning him an Emmy nomination in 2004. His insights and analytical abilities led to a multi-million dollar deal with ESPN in 2022, where he now co-hosts Monday Night Football with Joe Buck.

What Was Aikman’s Salary as an NFL Player and Broadcaster?

At his peak in his NFL career, Aikman earned an astounding base salary of $27.4 million along with bonuses totalling nearly $17.85 million in potential earnings potential.
His monumental 8-year $80 million contract in 1993 made him the league’s highest-paid athlete. Transitioning to broadcasting, Aikman’s earnings began at $1 million annually. Now, with his new ESPN contract, he’s set to earn an impressive $18.5 million per year.

Has Aikman Made Any Significant Investments?

Yes, apart from his football and broadcasting careers, Aikman has ventured into other businesses. Alongside fellow ex-Cowboy, Roger Staubach, he launched the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series racing team, Hall of Fame Racing, in 2005. Though the team was eventually sold in 2007, Aikman’s business pursuits continued. He has stocks in Wingstop and is a minority owner of the San Diego Padres. Additionally, Aikman had a stake in the Troy Aikman Automall dealership, which he partly sold in 2001.

Where Does Aikman Reside?

In 2013, Aikman purchased a 10,700 sq.ft French Normandy-style mansion for $4.5 million. This luxurious property, which he listed for sale in 2015, boasts six bedrooms, a home theater, wine cellar, and a beautiful pool with spa and waterfall features.

Is Aikman Involved in Charity Work?

Absolutely! Troy Aikman doesn’t just make money; he also gives back. As chairman of the Troy Aikman Foundation, he works to build hospitals for children as part of his dedication to charity work off-field. It shows just how generous Troy truly is!

From his glorious days with the Dallas Cowboys to his insightful commentaries on ESPN, Troy Aikman has remained a significant figure in the world of sports. With successful investments and an unyielding passion for the game, Aikman’s legacy continues to inspire many.

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