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Tim Gurner Net Worth  Know All the Details Here!

In the bustling heart of Melbourne’s Collingwood, a new breed of private social club is preparing to launch. But unlike any before, Saint Haven places its bets on health, wellness, and anti-ageing. Helmed by Tim Gurner, an affluent figure in Australia’s real estate landscape, Saint Haven promises to be the haven for those looking to mingle luxury and wellness.

Who is Tim Gurner?

At 41, Tim Gurner isn’t just a wealthy businessman; he’s a force to be reckoned with. With a net worth pegged at a staggering $929 million, as per The Australian Financial Review’s 2022 Rich List, Gurner has indeed carved out a significant space for himself. His audacious visions in real estate, with $10 billion worth of apartments under development across Melbourne, have earned him accolades and recognition from peers, with billionaire Harry Triguboff heralding him as “the future”.

What Sets Saint Haven Apart?

Unlike traditional member-only clubs that focus solely on networking and luxury, Saint Haven goes a step further, prioritising holistic wellness. Members are privy to an array of health-forward services like cryotherapy, red light therapy, and hyperbaric oxygen pods. Furthermore, personalized health consultations are an integral part of the experience. Gurner, leading by example, took on a $250,000 biohacking, anti-ageing package, underscoring the commitment to this vision. And as if that’s not all, members can dine in-house, savoring nutritious meals, and enjoy concierge services ranging from ironing to shoe-polishing as they bask in the luxury of vitamin C-infused showers.

How Does Saint Haven Compare to Soho House?

Both are undeniably exclusive and cater to an elite clientele, but there’s a distinct philosophy that sets them apart. While Soho House is celebrated for its emphasis on networking and indulgence, Saint Haven flips the script, focusing on health and longevity. Gurner himself articulates this intent, revealing his ambition to “live to 100 feeling amazing.” Thus, while both clubs may offer an atmosphere of luxury, their core values stand in contrast.

What’s the Criteria to Join Saint Haven?

Exclusive, selective, and with a cap of around 500 members, Saint Haven isn’t for everyone. Potential members undergo a rigorous vetting process. In an effort to promote diversity and balance, there’s a rule ensuring no more than half the members are male. Besides, there are strict guidelines around mobile phone usage and alcohol consumption. To ensure constant health monitoring, members are provided with an Oura Ring, while a gold medallion and black wristband help identify them outside the club. Membership doesn’t come cheap, with basic rates starting at $150 a week.

Who’s Flocking to Saint Haven?

While one might envision only business magnates walking through Saint Haven’s doors, Gurner insists the member demographic is more diverse. From artists to musicians, and from entrepreneurs to fashion stylists like Jen Mancuso, Saint Haven is attracting a unique blend of individuals. Mancuso’s search for an all-inclusive wellness experience, reminiscent of her octogenarian mother’s health, drew her to Saint Haven.

Is Saint Haven Evoking Cult Comparisons?

The word ‘cult’ often comes laden with a host of connotations. Given its exclusivity, unique identity markers, and its fervent vision of transformation, it’s not surprising that some parallels are drawn. While Gurner concedes that it might feel “cult-like”, he insists the emphasis is solely on fostering positive life changes, devoid of any dogmatic rituals.

As Saint Haven prepares to open its doors, it’s evident that this isn’t just another social club. It’s a place where health, luxury, and networking harmoniously converge, setting a precedent that’s bound to redefine the norms of exclusive clubs for years to come.