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Ryan Fitzpatrick Net Worth Read all relevant facts here!

Who is Ryan Fitzpatrick?

Ryan Fitzpatrick, commonly renowned in NFL circles as “Ryan F”, has distinguished himself during a 14-year NFL career that started with being drafted by St Louis Rams in 2005 and culminating with him becoming free agent last year after playing last with Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2018-2018).

What Records Did Fitzpatrick Achieve with the Buccaneers?

In the 2018 season, Fitzpatrick created history. He became the first quarterback in the prestigious NFL annals to achieve the remarkable feat of throwing over 400 yards in three consecutive games. This record was cemented when he threw an astounding 411 yards against the Pittsburgh Steelers, although it was a game that the Buccaneers lost.

How Much is Ryan Fitzpatrick’s Net Worth?

After a span of 14 years in the NFL, Fitzpatrick has managed to amass a substantial net worth estimated to be around $24 million. His strategic plays, relentless spirit, and consistent performance have made him one of the notable figures in the league.

How Much Has Fitzpatrick Earned Over His NFL Career?

In terms of earnings, Fitzpatrick’s 14-year stint has been rewarding. He has earned cumulative salaries surpassing $58 million. The last documented contract he inked was with the Buccaneers in 2018, which stood at a one-year deal worth $3.3 million.

What Was Fitzpatrick’s Most Lucrative Contract?

Of all of Fitzpatrick’s numerous contracts, one of his most profitable was without question his 6-year deal with Buffalo Bills – signed in 2011. At $59 Million this contract included an attractive signing bonus of $10 Million! As a result, in 2011, Fitzpatrick’s earnings from salaries alone soared to $13.22 million.

How Has Ryan Fitzpatrick Contributed to Charity?

Beyond the football field, Fitzpatrick has showcased his philanthropic side. A key moment was his participation in the My Cause My Cleats campaign. Through this initiative, Fitzpatrick championed the Benson M. Abercrombie ’21 Fund. This fund was set up to assist Ben Abercrombie, a freshman from Hoover High School. Abercrombie faced a life-altering event in 2016, during his collegiate debut. An unfortunate tackle led to a cervical spine injury, resulting in his paralysis. Fitzpatrick’s endeavor was to raise awareness and garner support for Abercrombie’s cause. Apart from this, Fitzpatrick has also been a regular participant in the American Century Championship golf tournament, an event dedicated to charity.

Ryan Fitzpatrick’s journey in the NFL has been a mix of stellar plays, record-setting games, and impressive contracts. But, more than just a football player, Fitzpatrick emerges as an individual committed to making a difference off the field. As fans wait to see his next move in the world of professional football, his contributions, both in sports and charity, remain commendable.